Yes, the user can subscribe to all the commodities up to 5 per user.

Yes, the user can unsubscribe from individual commodities in a monthly payment plan only.

Yes, aside from the comparative table, the user can also view data in graph form.

Alerts on drastic changes in the climate, commodity movement and changes in the price of the commodity.

Yes, you can always change the cities you are interested in monitoring.

No, you can only have one commodity open on various devices at the same time.

You can contact us by the following means:Email: info@agtechtools.com (Response within 24 Hours).

Yes, the user decides in which units to receive their information.

The user will receive notifications to the cell phone via messages with the alerts of the subscribed commodity(ies). If you wish, you can disable this function.

No, each account is for individual use.

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