AgTools provides game changing intelligence to the agriculture market through up to the moment statistics regarding time, cost, supply, demand, and more throughout the food supply chain. Our Vision is to optimize the economic results of all stakeholders in the industry and by doing so reduce food waste and increase sustainability.

AgTools will also have in the near future the same information for raising, fish, cattle and poultry. Since these industries are considered in the same category as farming, AgTools is first working on the produce area to build a complete solution system


The founders of the company are national leaders in the agriculture and technology industries. With national and global food sources at the heart of the Company, protecting, maximizing and empowering Farmers is the essence of the Business.

The company's founders have worked with Fortune 100 clients for decades. Among the most notable clients include Microsoft, Walmart, IBM, AT&T;, Kroger, Verizon, Merck, Bristol Meyers, Sysco, Pepsi, NBC Universal and many others.


Agtools is an agricultural industry information aggregator servicing Farmers, Corporate Buyers and all food supply chain stakeholders.AgTools has been selected as the winner of the 2016 Microsoft Innovation Challenge for Women Owned Business on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

AgTools has been selected as the winner of the Best Agricultural Software Supplier - USA & Award for Excellence in Technology Innovation - USA in the 2017 Farming & Agriculture Awards. ​

​ The company’s predictive technology will assist to solve and simplify decision making in the food industry. The massive amount of data in the food industry currently is fragmented and challenging to interpret. With AgTools disruptive software, professionals across the agriculture industry, such as: large and small retailers that sell produce will be better equipped to know their alternatives. Farmers and fresh produce Wholesalers get more components of the overall panorama with information provide by our proprietary software. These factors, and so much more, are used to make easier, and more profitable, decisions regarding purchases and fulfillment of foods, specifically fruits and vegetables.

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